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Hello all...I have made 4 sets of 5 icons that can be used for the challenge. Just make sure to comment which set you're taking so that we don't end up with it posted twice. Also, you may use any of the icons that you'd like as well as the 5 that I posted for the challenge. =) And sorry, I know that they're not all the best, but I hurried on a few of them. Thanks!!

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Team Icons
I'm getting ready to work on my own Team Icons and will have some extra time so I wanted to see if anyone wanted me to make some for them. I know we get more points for ones that we make ourselves, but points are points so if anyone needs any made just let me know!

picspam anyone?
Wicked: Amanda Harrison
hey peeps!
i know this is really last minute, but i was wondering if anyone else is interested in entering the picspam challenge? coz i want to but i havent found the time to do it all week so i was thinking i might ask for an extension. but i only will if more of us submit something so that its worth it, coz i think we only get like 1 or 2 extensions per round or something? its a fairly high scoring challenge anyway.
hope you guys see this message before its too late xP

Team Puck
Kurt jazz hand!

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